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I spent 2 days online looking for an out of production tire for my Porsche. I was dreading buying 4 new (3 tires were in great shape). After filling out their online request form, it only took hours for my tire to be found, it arrived within days at my house. It was a perfect match! Thanks,

Sam E.
Westland, MI

Few things can be quite as frustrating, to put it mildly, as having a tire with less than 2000 miles ruined by hitting a pot hole in your states crumbling road and bridge system because politicians have taken the money to use on vote buying, pet projects...or so I thought.

Searching for a tire that had been on back order by all the retailers for 6 months and with the date of availability being slipped from 2 months, then to 4 months in the future, starts one thinking about alternatives. Fortunately, while having some work done at a tire shop, it was suggested that the TireHunter might be able to help, and they did. They found a replacement, had it shipped in two days, ending a month long search. Thanks, for the great service.

Roger F.
Uniontown, PA

It REALLY WORKS!!! I have 24 inch rims, that I paid a pretty penny for in 2009. Well, front-end alignment....you can guess the rest. I needed ONE tire. These tires where rare when they were in distribution. Everyone kept telling me I needed to purchse a different brand, at least 2 if not 4 new tires. That meant the rims were not gonna "Bling" this spring. I conducted internet searches, I even called a distributor in China! No Luck. Finally, I ran across a link for an article about The Tire Hunter. I was VERY skeptical. I really didn't believe them when they told me they had my tire. But I thought what do I have to loose. I placed the order and within 3-4 days, the tire was on my front porch. Like Magic! Now, I step up into my Escalade, in my 4 inch stiletto's and roll on my 24s!! Sexy!

Tiffany S.
Fairmount, WV

I was looking for a 215 70 R15 BF Goodrich Radial TA for over a month to put on the front of a 87 Buick T-Type... I contacted over 30 tire suppliers..., searched eBay, Craigs List... NOTHING. I then gave "The Tire Hunter" a call on a Friday and Lisa (at The Tire Hunter) had the tire delivered to me the very next week.... Thank You Lisa at The Tire Hunter!

Joe Macfarlan
Allentown, NJ

I was very pleased with tirehunter. My old car lost an out of manufacture-tire last year and I was dreading buying 4 new (the rest were great). After filling out their online request form, it only took 3 days for my tire to be found, bought and arrive at my house. It was a perfect match. Thanks for the great service!!

Chuck M.
Cleveland, OH

Tirehunter came to the rescue for me and my big Buick! They quickly found the whitewall tires I wanted, and had them shipped to my door before I could burn out my bald ones!! Not only did they provide prompt, personal service, but my total came out to be hundreds less than local tire shops!! I'll never buy tires anywhere else! Thanks Tirehunter!

Andrew W.
Takoma Park, MD

I was super pleased with TireHunter's services! I'm in the industry, and spent 2 days online and on the phone looking for a out of production tire for a customer who had damaged one of theirs, and TireHunter found it fast, and the price was very fair. I would definitly use their services again! Thanks!

Scott D.
Hillsborough, NJ

Tirehunter.com was a life saver for us! We needed one GoodYear tire that had recently been discontinued. We checked all of our local tire stores, goodyear.com, eBay, craigslist etc. with no luck. While searching for online sites I stumbled upon tirehunter.com. I submitted a request, received a response back within minutes that they were trying to locate the tire for us. We had our brand new, discontinued tire shipped to our door within 3 days, and the price (including shipping) was the exact same price we found on goodyear.com. We will definitely use tirehunter.com again!

Kansas City, Missouri

I recently went in for work on my car, when I was told that my 2 front tires were undrivable. I wasn't really interested in getting a replacement and having 2 sets of different tires on my car, however, my shop couldnt find the ones I was looking for. They suggested I try out tirehunter, and in 1 day you guys were able to find 2 tires for me. You shipped them and I got them installed a day later. Plus your price was cheaper than the replacement tires my store tried selling me. You guys rock!!

Ted K.
Mount Laurel, NJ

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